internoise 2018


Sunday, 26 August
08:00 – 16:00
A Quieter Future (AQF) & the Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE-USA) invite you to empower your students with our free STEM kits and curriculum (adaptable for K-8). Through hands on activities and engaging speakers, learn about the physics of sound, the importance of sound in marine and terrestrial ecosystems, and the effects of pollution on the environment and to your community.


Sound Choices Workshop

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Turn Down the Noise Workshop


Speakers will include:

Dan Dugan
Audio Engineer
Recorded Soundscapes of National Parks

Dr. Luc Jaquen
Advocate and Activist
Acoustic Principles via Interactive Web Pages and Videogames

Les Blomberg
Advocate and Activist
Steps to Reduce Noise in Your Community

Dr. Oliver Robin
Discuss Dimensions of Sound and Acoustic Phenomena using Comics

Heidi Ware
Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory
Effects of Road Noise on Birds

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